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JUSTICE CONSTRUCTION [site specific installation]
"Whichever direction you turn away from, or to, turns into a battlefield"

The site-specific installation in the temporary environment of the Sphere architecture at the Nova Synagoga in Zilina, Slovakia, during the dismantling of this construction, is based on photographs, videos and audio recordings of elemental/rambling construction activity in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The construction, which is carried out mostly by hand, radically transforms the traditional life of the masses of poor people and animals in the city. The installation also includes sound interventions of selected vantage rituals and healing prayers for better times, from old Rusyn/Hucul women from the Carpathian Mountains, part of the long-term project DOLE. These are the sounds of the longed-for future, which is built with the bare hands and feet of the most vulnerable.

Exhibition concept, photographs & videos: Lucia Nimcova
Sound: David Petras